Teatro del Maggio
Teatro del Maggio is a premier opera and music venue in Florence, Italy that hosts a range of operas, concerts, dance performances, and school shows. This rebrand identity was inspired by the contemporary architecture of Teatro del Maggio’s complex. The theatre, which opened in 2014, is a modular, multifaceted space comprised of rectangular forms on its exterior and curved forms in the interior. The logo emulates these curved and rectangular forms, centered around a circle. This represents both a flower, alluding to the theatre’s namesake “Maggio” (“May” in Italian), and the four types of performances that occur at the theatre. This new identity for the theatre will differentiate Teatro del Maggio from other Florentine organizations while aligning with the aura and beauty of the music and performance spaces.

ProjectBranding & Identity

TimelineSpring 2024

AdvisorSilvia Agozzino


Designed by the renowned architect Paolo Desideri, the theater is a innovative work of modern architecture that reflects a blend of contemporary aesthetics with a respect for classical traditions. The exterior is modern and geometric, consisting of rectangular forms that establish a sense of balance and dynamism that culminate in a prominent facade at the entrance. The interior continues the geometric shapes through the curved balconies, seating arrangement, and ornamental features.

Teatro del Maggio, which serves as a home for contemporary performance arts, has struggled to find a visual identity system that aligns with the theater’s contemporary architecture while differentiating itself from other Florentine organizations. My proposal for the rebranding of Teatro del Maggio aims at differentiating the theater through an identity system inspired by the theater’s contemporary architecture, performance spaces, and programming

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