Kemper Live: Our Time
Kemper Live: Our Time is an annual performance event that uplifts new perspectives in the halls of the art museum. This year's theme was Kemper Live: Our Time, an event featuring Black performances and perspectives alongside the newly opened African Modernism in America exhibition. I was tasked with creating an identity that aligns with the museum’s current branding while accentuating themes and work from the African Modernism exhibition.

ProjectEvent Branding

TimelineFebruary 2023

RoleVisual Designer
Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum

To align with the museum’s identity system, I chose to keep a modern, simple identity that does not stray from the institutional brand.  The museum, performances, and exhibition all have an uplifting spirit, showcasing various works of art that represent others. To this aim, I used vibrant colors from work in the exhibition to create a gradient that uplifts the type and borders the collateral's exterior. I used frequently repeated colors in the African Modernism exhibition, red and blue, to incorporate as colors.
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